Each scarf is an original hand painted wearable piece of art.  Although patterns and designs may be repeat, each one is hand drawn and hand painted and individually steamed, colors will occasionally bleed or break through the resist lines or specs of undissolved dye will show up in a finished piece, these occurrences only add to the hand made natural beauty of the design and makes each piece unique. I make every effort to accurately represent my products on this website. 
Scarf sizes may vary slightly due to shrinkage.

Each scarf is signed and packaged in a gift box with care instructions.

The silk painting technique I use to paint my scarves is a type of Batik called serti, meaning to fence in.  Each white silk scarf is washed when I receive it and stretched.  With a vanishing fabric pen I then draw my design on the silk and then go over the lines with a solvent based gutta.  Once dry I mix my Procion Fiber Reactive dyes and paint the design.  A scarf can take anywhere from one hour to five hours to paint a design depending on the detail.  The silk is then covered to slow the drying process to allow the dye to adhere to the silk for 24 – 48 hours. The silk is then rolled in newsprint and steamed for about two hours, the chemical reaction in this process allows the silk and dye to become one molecule making the dye permanent. Each scarf is then dry cleaned to verify that all chemicals and resist has been removed before selling.

Silk scarves are easy to care for.  Although you can send them to the dry cleaners or wash on delicate, I recommend you simply hand wash with a mild soap and put a few drops of softener or hair conditioner in the final rinse.  Hang or lay flat to dry and iron on the backside with your iron on the silk setting.  

Custom Order
Like a design but not the color? Like the subject matter but not the arrangement?  A scarf has sold that you like?  Please contact me, I would love to create a custom scarf for you.

I love creating silk scarves and want you to be 100% satisfied.  Please contact me within 14 days  for return instructions and a full refund less shipping.  Scarf must be returned to me undamaged within 30 days of original shipment date.

I was born in Jacksonville, Florida and moved to Charleston, South Carolina when I was six.  I always remember having the arts in my life and a family that has supported my interests for as long as I can remember, from coloring Christmas decorations to singing in the church choir.

I graduated with a B.A. in Visual Art in 1984 from Lander University.  My day jobs that I held over the next 15 years paid the bills during which time I got married and had a child.  But all the while I continued with freelancing art jobs in my spare time from addressing invitations in calligraphy, various commissioned acrylic paintings and murals and designing business cards and product labels.  Creating with any medium something new and original seemed to give me inner peace.  In 1998 I found my self without a job and with the encouragement of my church family I went back and received my M.A.T. in Education.  This was a career change for me to go from an office job to a high school teacher and the best decision in my life that I have ever made.  I am able to not only create on a daily basis and explore various media, but I am able to teach high school students not only about art but help them explore their own artistic abilities and about critical thinking skills that transfer to other subjects.  

While working on my degree I was introduced the silk painting technique called serti, meaning to fence in.  I absolutely love the reaction of dye on silk and the images that I am able to create.  It is a great pleasure to see someone wearing something original and unique that I have created.  

I began creating my silk scarves 16 years ago for pleasure. I have begun selling on weekends in craft shows and absolutely love being able to share my process and what inspires me with those who stop by my booth for a chat.  I am always investigating and learning new techniques to apply my dyes and beginning to also turn my designs into framed silk paintings.